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Hi, my name is Harry. I am a blogger who writes all sorts of stuff on the Internet. I love to share my experiences, thoughts, and whatnot about life. But there is one thing that I am really passionate about – playing casino games.

Before you judge me and picture me as a fat and lazy dude that plays on the Internet every day – I assure you I am not! I work full time in the gaming industry and I am married with two kids. I do spend a lot of time online but I am very productive and do my share of the hard work. Playing casino is my way of having fun and trust me what I say that casino games are a lot of fun! That’s both for online and live casino games!

The thing about casino gambling, the online ones in particular, that makes it very appealing is the fact that it is very straight forward. I am not really a fan of the multiplayer online battle games that others are so addicted to at the moment. I like how easy it is to learn casino games online and how I even get the chance to double my money! In fact, I was able to win enough to take my family on a weekend trip because I won the jackpot in an online slot machine game.

I have won countless time as I played these casino games and this is why I decided to create this site. I want to share how it is possible for you to be a normal dude and win extra money playing online games. You can spend hours of fun because these casino games rarely make you think! Sure you can make mistakes but as long as you are in control of the money that you will bet and you are disciplined to stop when you need to – nothing will be lost.

I do not consider myself a gambler and I do not think I will ever be. I dare not risk all our money (for fear of my wife, of course – haha). But don’t miss out on the possibilities of playing online games.

What RealCasinoFun.com is all about

Realcasinofun.com is my way of helping you enjoy various online casino games. Here I will discuss the basics and various factors that will help you win big online. I will not concentrate on playing online casino games. I have played in real life casinos and I can tell you a lot about it as well.

From explaining to you what free spins are and how to play poker and count cards – I will help you understand the games.

So indulge with me and feel free to browse this page. I made it for all of you who enjoy taking the risk and get an incredible high playing casino games.