Play With Free Spins

We all love free spins, right? Well, I do. If you had been playing online for a long time like I do, you will take for granted a lot of things but a free spin will never be one of them. The best online guide for thisĀ  is

If you are new at this, you might be slightly confused about the terminologies used in online casino games. Well, let me help you out. In this page, I will try to explain what is involved in a free spin and how they can benefit you.

What are Free Spins

This term is used in online video slot machines. It is pretty self-explanatory: you get free spins without paying anything. Usually, when you play a slot machine, you need to make a bet before you press spin. When you are in the free spin mode, you can press spin even without making any bets. That means when the spin does not make you win – you did not lose any money.

A lot of online slot machine games offer a free spin bonus round. Their purpose? Just to make you happy. There is an appeal when something is given for free and this is one of the things that make online casino games very appealing. They want you to be happy so you can keep on playing their games.

Can I really win money on free spins?

Yes, you can! Even if you did not make any bet, it is still a legitimate spin in the game. When you land on a combination that corresponds to a win – that amount will be added to your balance.

Most of the time, the free spin is triggered by something. If you get a specific combination after a regular spin, you can be given 10 free spins or more. Sometimes, you need to give a deposit to earn them but most of the time, you are not required to do so.