Have A Casino Party

A casino party sounds like a great way to celebrate with family and friends. After all, Las Vegas is one of the best representations of what it is like to have a good time. If you think that this is a difficult party to plan, think again! It is very easy to plan and execute this type of party.

4 things to consider when planning a casino party

Regardless if you are only planning a casino-themed party or you are serious about having real gambling in your part, there are 4 important things that you need to focus on to make it a success.


Let us start with the decorations. The sky’s the limit when it comes to your decorations. You can place a red carpet in your hallway complete with a velvet rope to lead the guests to the main party area. You can also create a giant dice that can also be used in casino-inspired games. Or you can use it to decorate the hallway. You can even turn your door into a giant card! Choose among the 4 cards, cut out some shapes and place it on your door.

Food and Drinks

The food and drinks will have to complement the activities that you will have at your casino party. If there will be serious gambling involved, you want their hands to be free. That means finger foods should suffice. Make sure it is not oily or else you will end up with greasy cards and chips. Set them up in a buffet table on one side of the room where your guests can easily frequent.

For the drinks, cocktails would do but make sure there is some wine available too.

Print a casino-inspired cocktail menu to complete the look.

Attire or costume

It would add to the fun if you can persuade your guests to dress up for the night. After all, there are strict dress codes in actual casinos. A formal wear would be a great excuse for everyone to dress up and relax. But if you want a laid back party, then feel free to let your guests dress down. You can create bowtie cutouts and fake pearl necklaces to give away so your guests will have something on them that is inspired by your casino theme.


What is a casino party without games right? There are many options for choose from. Make sure your choice will be something that your guests can really enjoy. Here are some tips that you can use to make the games enjoyable.

  • Hire a real dealer. Or if it is not possible in your area, at least assign a friend beforehand to act as a dealer. Make sure they are familiar with the game.
  • Rent the equipment. There are card tables that you can rent out – or you can get casino-inspired covers for your tables. It is up to you if you want a poker night or if you want to include a blackjack table or roulette. Just be ready with instructions that your guests can read in case they are not familiar with the rules.
  • Have a jackpot prize. This is a great way to encourage everyone to join in on the fun – even if they are not familiar with the casino games.

These tips should help you setup a successful casino party that everyone will be talking about even after it is done.